Somerset Moves


October 14, 2022 Somerset Moves
Somerset Moves
Show Notes

Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership are excited to announce our BRAND NEW podcast, “Somerset Moves”! A podcast made by the people of Somerset, made for the people of Somerset. 

Join me, Sarah Crossley and special guests from the Team at SASP and local organisations for exciting insight into the programmes we have to offer. 

In each episode, we will discuss what impacts our mental and physical health, local stories from the community, exciting new events happening in the area and ways to get moving in ways that suit you!

 So, join us and join the conversation! 

Somerset Moves is a podcast hosted by SASP (Somerset Activity & Sports Partnership). Each episode features different projects on offer, organisations across the county, local support and advice, personal experiences, as well as information on how to get you moving more, in your own way! SASP is dedicated to increasing the health and happiness of residents in Somerset through physical activity and sport.

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